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Food at Home

Food is an important part of our time at home. Eating healthy, well-balanced meals at home keeps us healthy but also offers a chance to bring together all the members of the family.

Food for infants and children (6 months to 5 years) 
Find out more about the importance of breakfasthow to feed your growing child, dealing with picky eaters, food allergies anfeeding a vegetarian child.  

Food for school age children and youth (5-17 years)
Learn more about the importance of breakfast, packing healthy lunches, healthy snacks, balanced day lunches and snacks and healthy body image (fad-dieting).

Food and healthy eating information for older adults (50+ years)  
It does not matter what your age is or whether or not you are eating alone or with family, a healthy diet will give you the energy you need to get through your day and will help you feel your best. 

Family meals
Family meals are important. 
Children, youth and their families benefit from sharing family meals together. If eating meals together is not part of your family’s routine, now is a great time to start making family meals a habit. 

Meal planning 
Check out tips for eating on a budget, smart grocery shopping, quick meal and snack ideas and healthy recipes.