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Food and Healthy Eating

Healthy food gives us the energy and strength to live healthy and active lives. Food also brings individuals, communities and families together. 
Learn about the benefits of healthy eating and Canada's Food Guide and some information and tips to help you make healthier food and beverage choices in the grocery store and in restaurants.   
Food at home
Food is an important part of our time at home. Eating healthy, well-balanced meals at home keeps us healthy but also offers a chance to bring together all the members of the family.
Food at work
Find tips that make it easy to eat healthy at work, and connect with the HealthWorks program.
Learn more about how to make sure your school-age child or youth is getting the healthy food and nutrition needed to fell good and do their best at school.
Food in your community
View health unit resources for community food security, and community food programs.
You're the Chef
YTC is a cooking program that focuses on increasing vegetable and fruit intake and encourages lifelong healthy eating habits in your people.  Find out how you can start running this program in your community.
Do one thing
Check out the health unit campaign for lots of ways to get active, eat healthy and make a difference in your community.

2015 Sandwich Showdown Contest
Check out the health unit's video contest where we asked regional high school aged youth to create a fun and unique videos of their healthy sandwich recipe!


 CJBN Health Minute - How to eat more fruits and vegetables

Public Health Question
  • Q:
    How can I eat healthy on a tight budget?
    ​According to the 2013 Nutritious Food Basket results, it cost $248.79 every week for a family of four to buy groceries in the Kenora-Rainy River district. With rising food and housing costs along with poor wages, it is difficult to have enough mo...