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The Cost of Eating in Northwestern Ontario

Check out the Cost of Eating in Northwestern Ontario – 2017 infographic here: 2017 NWHU Cost of Eating.

According to the 2017 Nutritious Food Basket results the cost per month to feed a family of four is $976.20. This is an increase of 6.5% since 2010.

As the cost of living increases, incomes are not keeping pace, making the struggle to put healthy food on the table a reality for many people and families in northwestern Ontario. Despite increases, Ontarians earning minimum wage and those who receive social assistance do not earn enough money to ensure access to healthy food.

A family of four, with two adults receiving social assistance would need to spend about 38% of their take-home income on a healthy food basket. This does not include things that many people buy at the grocery store like cleaning and paper products. After paying for food and rent, this family would be left with around $739 dollars to cover expenses such as hydro, phone, child care, transportation, clothing, and school supplies.
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