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2015 Sandwich Showdown

The Northwestern Health Unit would like to thank all the teams who entered, and the teachers that supported them in 2015! There were 21 videos entered.

And the winner is.....

The Perfect Poultry Sub
Judges loved your teamwork, excellent presentation and the ingredients you used. The cooking skills you showed with the roasted red peppers and chicken sauce were noted by the judges, and we really wanted to eat this sandwich! Congratulations! Each member wins a prize pack and their school, Atikokan High School, wins $250.00 to purchase healthy food.

Honourable Mentions

The Grindian Fusion Wrap
The judges liked that you marinated the chicken to create your sandwich and had great chopping skills, plus this sandwich looked really yummy.
Safety tip- Raw chicken should be placed at the bottom of the fridge instead of the top shelf, to avoid raw chicken from coming in contact with other foods.

Pouletnator Chicken Salad Sandwich
Your teamwork, presentation and homemade dressing wowed the judges. This sandwich looked just delicious!
Safety tip- Remember to wash your hands before preparing food, and keep your hands away from your face and hair.

Additional Entries
Thank you to all of the other teams that submitted videos. Click here for a list of additional entries.

Thank you to our judges

Dr. Kit Young-Hoon, Medical Office of Health
Julie Slack, Public Health Nutritionist
Chelsea Socholotuk, Public Health Dietitian
Stephanie Snow, Public Health Inspector
Stephanie Cran, Health Promoter

Judging Criteria
Click here to find how the winning videos were selected.

Contest Details
Learn more about the 2015 contest details and guidelines for making the sandwich showdown video.


Thanks to The Winnipeg Foundation’s Nourishing Potential program for providing the framework for this contest.