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Special Occasion Food Permits

A Special Occasion Food Permit must be submitted by an event sponsor or organizer when potentially hazardous foods will be sold or served to the public. There is no fee required to submit an application.
The completed application should be submitted to the health unit for review at least 10 days before an event. Once approved, the permit must be displayed at the event in a visible location.
What types of events require a Special Occasion Food Permit?
Any event where food is served to the public requires a special occasion food permit or notification. This includes:
  • Barbeques open to the public.
  • Community fundraisers where food is served to the public.
  • Food booths at fairs, festivals, or farmer's markets.
  • Other community events such as: pancake breakfasts, pig roasts, spaghetti suppers, a fish fry, steak or seafood dinners. 
What types of events do not require a Special Occasion Food Permit?
  • Private events with invited guests.
  • Private events catered by approved caterers.
  • Weddings and socials “by invitation only”.
  • Funerals.

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