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Prevent bed bugs

Tips to prevent bed bugs
  • Reduce places where bed bugs can hide by getting rid of household clutter.
  • Clean and vacuum your home often.
  • Inspect every item that you bring into your home for the first time, such as books, new furniture, second hand or garage sale items, etc. If you know the person who previously owned the items, ask questions. Find out why they no longer want to keep the item.
  • Wash and dry new and second hand clothing on a high heat setting for 60 minutes as a precaution.
  • Inspect items before you put them in your vehicle.
  • Consider plastic and metal furniture, instead of upholstered furniture. Bed bugs prefer to live on upholstered furniture rather than smooth, hard surfaces such as metal and plastic. Also, metal and plastic surfaces are easier to inspect and clean.
  • Never take a mattress or upholstered furniture from a curb.
  • New furniture and mattresses are often delivered in the same truck that took away the old mattresses and furniture. Inspect new items, or insist that they are sealed in plastic before delivery.
  • If you are using a shared laundry facility, use a white laundry basket instead of a cloth bag (unless you wash and dry the cloth laundry bag each time). Do not place your laundry basket on the floor. Instead, place it on top of the washer. Inspect the laundry basket before you put clean laundry in it. Inspect the folding table before you use it, or fold your laundry when you get home.

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