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Municipal Water Systems

​The catchment area of the Northwestern Health Unit includes 19 municipalities. There are 17 large municipal residential water systems that serve cities, towns and villages in the region. The Northwestern Health Unit is not responsible for the operation of the municipal water systems, but is involved to make sure that the public receives safe drinking water.

Public health inspectors work with the operators of municipal water systems and the Ministry of the Environment to make sure that water is safe to drink by advising on corrective actions if there are any issues with the water system. If the situation warrants, a boil water or drinking water advisory may be issued by the municipality on the advice of the health unit. 

To find out more information about your local municipal water system, contact your local municipal office.

​Templates for Boil Water Advisories

​When do I contact the NWHU?

​In the case of adverse drinking water test results for drinking water systems regulated under the Drinking Water Systems regulation Ontario Regulation 170/03, licensed laboratories and drinking water system owners are required to:

  • Provide oral notice to Spills Action Centre (SAC) and the Health Unit.
  • Provide written notice to SAC and the Health Unit within 24 hours of the oral notice
  • Provide written notice to SAC and the Health Unit within 7 days after the issue has been resolved, summarizing the action taken and the results achieved.

​SAC Contact Information:

  • ​Phone number: 1-800-268-6060 or 416-325-3000
  • Fax number: 1-800-268-6061 or 416-325-3011

You can contact the NWHU during office hours by calling 1-800-830-5978. If you want to phone your local Northwestern Health Unit office you can find contact numbers for all of our offices on the office locations page.

Outside of office hours, public health emergencies can be reported by calling 807-468-7109 or 1-866-475-6505.