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Shipping Instructions for Private Water Samples

If you are unable to bring your water sample in to the health unit on the scheduled water sample shipping day, you can ship your own sample directly to the lab by following the instructions below. ​Water sample bottles with required lab forms are available at local Northwestern Health Unit offices.

Preparing paperwork:

  • Ensure that all of the shaded areas on the form are filled out.
  • Ensure the provided name tag sticker is completed and placed on the sample bottle.
  • Place a bar code sticker from the bottle on to the top of the form.
  • Place the paperwork in the plastic bag.

Preparing sample for shipping:

  • Find a suitable box to fit the water sample bottle plus an ice pack to keep it at the correct temperature during shipping. The ice pack can be as simple as a frozen bottle of water.
  • Line the box with newspaper and separate the ice pack and water sample bottle with crumpled newspaper. The box should be full so no movement can happen in transit.
  • Ensure that the water sample is cold before putting it into the box.
  • Place completed paperwork in plastic bag inside the box with the water sample before it is taped closed.

Shipping s​ample:

  • Choose an appropriate courier/shipping service. Samples must arrive at the lab within 24 hours from the time of sampling.
  • Be sure to include your return address.
  • Samples must arrive to the lab on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

    • Tape box closed and label with the lab address,
      be sure to include your return address.
      Public Health Lab
      336 Syndicate Ave S
      Thunder Bay, ON P7E 1E3

If you have any questions on how to send your own sample please call the Northwestern Health Unit at 1-800-830-5978.

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