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Health Hazards

The Northwestern Health Unit works to detect and identify health hazards in our region and provide residents with information about how to avoid exposure and prevent illness that can be caused by exposure.

A health hazard is something (the condition of a premises, a substance, thing, plant or animal; a solid, liquid, or gas) that has or is likely to have a negative effect on the health of a person.
The health unit inspects environments with potential health hazards for the purpose of preventing, eliminating, and decreasing the effects of health hazards. All health hazard complaints made to the health unit are investigated in a timely manner by public health inspectors.
Public health inspectors respond to inquiries and complaints about potential health hazards and can conduct risk assessments to evaluate the possible risks to human health. Public health Inspectors consult with relevant community and government agencies and experts to manage identified health hazards in the environment.
The NWHU encourages and supports community partners to create healthy public policy to reduce exposure to health hazards in public areas.
Click below for more information on:
Air quality
Learn more about indoor air quality concerns like: asbestos, carbon monoxidemould, radon, second-hand smoke; and outdoor air quality concerns such as: forest fire smoke and blastomycosis.
Extreme temperatures
Learn more about extreme cold and extreme heat

Heavy metals 
Learn more about arsenic, lead, mercury, uranium and other potential hazards in your home.

Bed bugs
Find out more about preventing bed bugs. 
Learn about the health effects of using plastics.
Special risk citizens
Learn about the health concerns associated with hoarding.
Volatile and other chemicals
Learn about the types of volatile and other chemicals that can pose a health hazard.
Public Health Question
  • Q:
    Can my child go to school/daycare if they have lice?
    ​Your child can go back to school or daycare after appropriate treatment has begun