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Guidelines for Tourist Camp Operators During a Boil Water Order

In the case of a boil water advisory issued by the Medical Officer of Health of the Northwestern Health Unit: 
  • All water provided directly to your customers for drinking purposes must be treated by boiling water for at least one (1) minute and then stored in clean, covered containers until used. An alternative to this would be using commercially available “bottled water”.
  • All fruits and vegetables are to be rinsed or soaked only in water that has been boiled for at least one (1) minute.
  • Tap water used as an ingredient in any food product that will be “ready to eat” without cooking, e.g. drink mixes, puddings, jellos, etc., must be boiled for at least one (1) minute.
  • All ice must originate from tap water that has been boiled for at least one (1) minute or from a commercial ice supply distributor. Ice machines at your establishments must be emptied and not used for the duration of the boil water advisory.
  • Commercial dishwashers that use hot water 64.2°C (147.5° F) or above are considered satisfactory. "Low” temperature dishwashers need to be boosted to a higher rinse temperature to provide a safe end product. Beverage glass washers that utilize “cold” water rinse must not be used unless the rinse water can be changed to hot water more than 64.2°C (147.5°F). Manually washed and sanitized dishes must be rinsed with hot water more than 64.2°C(147.5°F) for a final step.
  • All soft drink beverage lines connected directly to tap water for mixing must be disconnected. Use only bottles or canned beverages.
  • Any employee reporting that they are suffering from a diarrhea illness must be excluded from work and can be tested by their family doctor. They are not to return to work until symptoms have subsided. Good hand washing should be emphasized for all staff.
  • Post all taps with the Boil Water Advisory Notice.

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