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Guidelines for Operators of Commercial Ice Makers During a Boil Water Advisory

All ice that has been manufactured with contaminated or suspected contaminated water must be discarded. The manufacture of ice must be stopped until the boil water advisory has been rescinded.
Ice can continue to be manufactured during a boil water advisory if the manufacturer has an appropriate water treatment device (as approved by local Medical Officer of Health or public health inspector), that is incorporated as part of the ice-manufacturing process.
When a boil water advisory is rescinded
Before ice making resumes the lines connected directly to tap water must be disconnected and cleaned and sanitized. For specific instructions about flushing, cleaning and sanitizing the ice-manufacturing equipment consult your instruction manual(s) or the company that constructed or installed the machinery. 
General guidelines for flushing ice-manufacturing equipment 
  • Flush the water line to the machine inlet
    • Close the valve on the water line behind the machine and disconnect the water line from the machine inlet
    • Open the valve, run approximately twenty (20) liters of water through the valve and dispose of the water
    • Close the valve
    • Reconnect the water line to machine inlet
    • Open the valve
  • Flush the water lines in the machine
    • Turn on the ice machine
    • Make ice for one hour and dispose of the ice
    • Clean and sanitize all parts and surfaces that come in contact with water and ice

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