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Environmental Health

The Environmental Health team at the Northwestern Health Unit educates, consults, inspects, and monitors public health issues. The team also enforces public health legislation as per Ontario's regulations.

For more information on specific programs, please click below:
Read how public health inspectors keep your drinking water safe and what to do during a boil water advisory.
Learn how the health unit keeps you safe from food borne illness and find out what you can do to keep food safe at home. Use ChooseWise to review local food premises inspection results.
Learn about the things in our air, water, land, and homes that can harm our health. 
Read about the types of inspections done by public health inspectors and tobacco enforcement officers.
Learn what public health inspectors do to keep public pools safe, and how to maintain your own pool.
Learn about sewage systems, the process for land development and download background documents and permit applications for a sewage permit.
Find out when you need a special occasion permit and download the application.
Public Health Question
  • Q:
    I have bought a dwelling that is serviced by an advanced treatment unit. Are there any requirements?
    ​Yes. All owners of private sewage systems are required to keep their systems in accordance with the original approval. For advanced treatment units this means that you are obligated to remain in contract with an authorized service provider for ma...