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Bed Bug Travel Tips

Traveling Tips

  • Don’t bring your own pillow
  • Pack some large sealable plastic bags in case you need to separate your belongings before returning home.

Checking In
  • Do a complete inspection before bringing your luggage into the room
  • DO NOT place luggage on the bed. Put luggage on the bathroom floor or at entry way if it is tile until you have inspected the room
  • Slowly lift each corner of the mattress. Using a flashlight will help. Check the creases of mattress and box spring, behind headboard and wall behind the bed, pillows, bed coverings and bed skirt, the bed frame and legs
  • Do not store anything under the bed
  • Use the luggage rack for your luggage
  • If you do find signs of bed bugs, ask for another room. But make sure you are in a room that is not next to the possible infested room.
When you return home from Traveling
  • Before unpacking, place luggage away from any places bedbugs could crawl to and hide, and check it carefully.
  • Unpack your clothing and check personal items
  • Wash all clothing in hot water, even if you didn’t wear them.
  • Dry non-washable items in the clothes dryer on the highest heat for 30 minutes. Vacuum your luggage. Throw out the vacuum bag in a sealed garbage bag right away.
  • Wash any vacuum cleaner brush or nozzle attachments you used in hot water with detergent. For a bag-less vacuum cleaner, empty the dust collector into a garbage bag, throw out the bag immediately, and also wash the dust collector in hot water with detergent.

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Public Health Question
  • Q:
    Can my child go to school/daycare if they have lice?
    ​Your child can go back to school or daycare after appropriate treatment has begun

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