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Responsible Hosting

If you are hosting a party where alcohol will be served and consumed by guests, it is your responsibility to make sure guests are safe, remain injury-free, and get home safely.
Follow these tips to responsible hosting:
  1. Do not mix physical activity with alcohol. People are more likely to injury themselves while drinking.
  2. Provide alcohol-free and low-alcohol drink options for your guests. Examples include mocktails, 100% fruit juice, water, tea and coffee.
  3. Provide snacks for your guests – the healthier the better and avoid salty and sweet options.
  4. Be ready to host overnight guests so that no one drives home impaired.
  5. Make yourself or a friend the ‘bartender’ for the night rather than having an open bar. You will be able to better monitor how much alcohol your guests are drinking.
  6. Pre-plan what you will do to look after guests who drink too much.
  7. Do not let your guests drink and drive. Have designated drivers, spare cash and taxi company phone numbers available. Take keys away from anyone who you feel will drink and drive.
  8. Limit your alcohol intake so that you can monitor the party and make decisions with a clear mind.


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