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Drug and Alcohol Use

There are many different drugs available legally and illegally to a person. For example, alcohol and tobacco are both drugs frequently used by people that can be legally purchased by adults.  

When used properly, some drugs (like prescription drugs or medications) can help people manage illness and disease. However, if not used correctly or if used by the wrong person, legal drugs and substances can be dangerous and harmful to a person's health.

Illicit or illegal drugs (like marijuana, cocaine, and heroine) alter a person's state and can be very harmful to the user. Many illicit drugs are highly addictive and cause a user to become addicted or reliant on the drug. 

The costs of substance misuse
According to the Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse, every year substance misuse costs Canada close to $40 billion. Of this cost alcohol is second only to tobacco as the substance that causes the most health, social, economic, and criminal harm to people, families and communities.

Harm reduction
Learn about the services offered by the health unit to reduce the risk of infections.

Low-risk drinking
Do you know if you are drinking too much? 

Drugs and your health
It is important to understand how the substances you are using are affecting your body. If you are using a medication or drug that was not prescribed to you, you should make an appointment to speak to a health care professional about how it may be affecting your health.  

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