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Dental Health

The Dental Health program at the Northwestern Health Unit provides dental screening, preventive services, and treatment to prevent and reduce dental cavities (decay).
Dental decay is the most common chronic disease in children and it is almost 100% preventable. Poor oral health can influence children’s growth, ability to thrive, affect sleep, and cause missed days at school.
“Oral” means your entire mouth – teeth, gums and tongue. Oral health and general health are closely connected. Poor oral health can cause pain, infection, and is closely linked to illnesses like diabetes and lung disease. Studies have also linked gum disease to pre-term, low birth weight deliveries.   
Our aim is to improve the oral health of children, youth, and eligible adults in our communities.
Free dental care
Find information about free dental programs, like Healthy Smiles Ontario,​ Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program (OSDCP), Green Door Project, Mobile Dental Office (MDO) and Children's Oral Health Initiative (COHI) for you and your family.
Tips for better dental health
People of all ages can look after their teeth by brushing, flossing, and receiving regular dental care.
Learn about the importance of avoiding sugary foods and drinks.

Looking for dental forms? Choose from the pages below:

2016 Healthy Snack, Healthy Smile Healthy You Photo Mosaic!

See this years result of our regional photo challenge that took place in 43 classes across the region.

2015 Sip, Snap, Smile Photo Mosaic!

See the amazing results of our regional photo challenge that took place in 26 schools across the region.


2015 NWHU Vulnerable Adults Oral Health Study Results

To help understand and confirm the oral health disparities in our region, the Northwestern Health Unit conducted a study about the current oral health needs of vulnerable adults. Click here to see the results.


Public Health Question
  • Q:
    I can't afford to pay for my child to see a dentist. What can I do?
    Contact the NWHU to discuss dental options available for your child.​