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Healthy Snacks, Healthy Smiles, Healthy You!

Thank you to all classrooms who participated in the school dental-nutrition campaign and joined us in celebrating healthy snacks and healthy smiles. You helped to make the campaign possible!
Over 43 classrooms took part in campaign activities – exploring, drawing, and snapping creative photos as they learned more about healthy eating for strong and healthy teeth and bodies.
Snack, Smile, Snap!
Participating classes snapped pictures of themselves choosing healthy lunch and snack items. Photos from the contest were incorporated into a photos mosaic to help promote and celebrate the message of healthy foods for healthy teeth and bodies.

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Due to mosaic file size, full resolution images may take a few moments to be clearly viewed after the zoom option has been selected.

Ultimate Lunchbox Contest
Draw prize winner:
Mrs. Urquhart’s class from Open Roads School
Snack, Smile, Snap! photo challenge
The following class won the grand draw prize for a classroom set of lunch kits:
Ms. Smith - Whole school
Migisi Sahgaigan
Eagle Lake First Nation
Honourable Mentions:
The following classes will receive a classroom ‘Snack Attack’ party for going above and beyond and submitting such creative and unique photos. Classroom parties will be hosted by the health unit Chronic Disease Prevention team.
Ms. Bartlett - Grade 1
New Prospect School (Dryden)
This class gave us the ABC’s of snacking. These students posed with examples of a fruit and a vegetable from every letter in the alphabet. Very creative and informative! 
Ms. Nazvesky – Grade 4&5
St. Joseph's School (Dryden)
This class created a colourful and eye-catching handcrafted banner titled “Healthy Foods Rock” which included all of their photo submissions. This was posted outside of the classroom for all the school to see.
Miss Wishart – Early Learning
Robert Moore School (Fort Frances)
Mrs. Wishart incorporated the theme of healthy snacks into many aspects of her teaching. The class focused on healthy snacks in math, writing, and art to name a few. These activities were photographed and included in their submission.
Ms. Coady – JK
Ignace Public School (Ignace)
This class made healthy snacks of hummus and guacamole. The
photos showcased the activity from start to finish. Yum!
Ms. Johannesson – FDK
Red Lake Public School (Red Lake)
This class highlighted a wide-array of healthy drinks and snacks in their photo submissions. The class was very enthusiastic about all of their healthy snacks and drinks! The theme of healthy snacks, healthy smile, healthy you was evident in every picture.
Ms. Hughdie – Grade 1/2, 2/3 & 3
Sioux Mountain (Sioux Lookout)
These classes created a healthy food café. Submitted photos illustrated all the enthusiasm, excitement, and the final product of the
students’ café. Photos of the activities were posted on the hallway walls for all the school to see including the hashtag #nwhusnacksmilesnap