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Speech and Language Services

Through the North Words Preschool Speech and Language Program, the NWHU offers free speech and language assessments and interventions for children from birth until the time they enter senior kindergarten. Preschool speech and language assessments, and interventions will be completed at your local health unit, or at other locations like daycares, nursery schools, or head start programs.
From the time children are born they begin to communicate. They begin to understand what you are saying and to make sounds of their own. This is the beginning of the speech and language skills they will need as they make friends, learn to read and write, and later succeed in school. About one in every 10 children needs help to develop these speech and language skills. Early identification and intervention is important so children can enter school ready to learn. 
Speech and language assessments 
North Words provides assessments to determine the child's speech and language strengths and needs, and then identify goals and strategies to support the development of communication skills. Learn more about what to expect at a speech and language assessment.
Referrals for assessment can be made through the North Words central intake line at 1-877-553-7122, or download the North Words referral form.
Speech, hearing and vision milestones
As a child grows they reach communication 'milestones' at different ages and life stages. Understanding these milestones can help you find any potential speech, hearing or vision issues at an early age.
Explore the speech and language milestones. 

Speech and language topics
Learn more about stuttering, development of speech sounds, normal nonfluency and the importance of reading with your child or reading with your baby.

Community events
Visit our community pages to find out about fun events and activities happening in your community.

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