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Signs of Readiness

Every baby is different but there are some signs you can look for to help you know that your baby is ready for solid foods. Your baby should: 
  • Hold head up.
  • Sit up in a high chair.
  • Open mouth wide when you offer food on a spoon.
  • Turn face away if they do not want the food.
  • Close lips over the spoon. 
  • Keep food in her mouth and swallow it instead of pushing it out. 
Respect your baby’s cues. Following hunger cues at a young age will help develop good eating habits that will last a lifetime. Do not rush or force feed your baby – they know when they are hungry and when they are full.
Start your baby on pureed or mashed foods.  As your baby develops, gradually change the texture of food.  Ensure that lumpy textures are offered no later than nine months. Safe finger foods can be among the first solid foods offered in addition to lumpy, minced, mashed, pureed and ground textures. Examples include soft-cooked vegetables, soft, ripe fruit, finely minced cooked meat, and grated cheese.
By 12 months children should be eating a variety of family foods with various textures.  Include a variety of foods from the four food groups in Canada's Food Guide.
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