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Reading with your Child

​Here are some tips for making reading fun for you and your child:

  • Try to read books every day.  Children love to hear the same stories over and over!
  • Cut out pictures from old family photos or from magazines and make up your own story.
  • Take turns reading pages.  Encourage your child to tell you the story in his own words.
  • Wait and let your child finish a sentence in a familiar book.
  • Play the “Picky Puppet.”  Use a favourite puppet or stuffed animal and explain that the puppet is picky – he only likes things that start with a certain letter (e.g., the letter “s”).  Have your child look around the house or go for a walk and gather items that begin with the letter you have chosen.  
  •  Provide your child with many opportunities to practice writing or tracing letters.  Use a stick in the sand, write letters in shaving cream, make them out of play dough or noodles.
  • Reading the book over and over again with your child is best, each time they will learn new things and find ways to make it fun and exciting. Every time you rad the book make a new word "sparkle" by explaining to them what the new word means. Look for rhyming in the book and point it out. Help them find another word that rhymes.
  • Exaggerate the rhyming language as you read. For example, “I swished past ferns where dragonflies flew. Loon stretched her wings, “Can I come too?”
  • Share personal experiences from canoe trips, especially stories of flipping a canoe (if you have any).
  • Highlight a new and interesting word your child may have never heard before. For example “Swished past “ferns”… explain what it is… “it’s a type of plant”. Look up a picture online.
Check out these books:
  • Silly Sally 
  • Weird Parents
  • Rude Giants
  • Oh My Baby Bear
  • A Dog Needs a Bone
  • Blue Sky

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