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Reading to your Baby

Read to your baby from birth
Newborns cannot interact with books yet, but r
egular reading to a baby makes them feel comfortable and relaxed. It also sets the stage for positive book experiences in the years to come.

Young babies will want to touch and possibly eat books. That’s okay! Just make sure to have board books or plastic ones that can be wiped clean. Let your baby hold the book and play with it. It is important for babies to touch and explore their books.

As your baby gets older, read a few pages to them. It is not important to look at the whole book, just have fun looking at some pages that your baby appears to like. Most babies like books with photographs of baby faces, children, or animals. They should be simple, colourful books where you can label the pictures. If your baby points to a picture, make sure to name it.
Homemade books
Your baby might like to look at a book filled with a few pictures of people she knows – mom, dad, grandparents, siblings, etc. Make sure to include pictures of your baby. If you would like these pictures to last, glue some to a plastic place mat and cover with clear contact paper.
Books to try
If you are looking for some books to read with your baby, a few we suggest are:
Baby Einstein Mirror Me! (A Mirror Book) by Julie Aigner-Clark
Snuggle Puppy! (A Little Love Song) by Sandra Boynton
Horns to Toes and In Between by Sandra Boynton
My first Baby Games a Harper Growing Tree book 
Parent and baby reading programs 
Check out programs for parents and babies in your community. Your public library and Best Start Hub are good places to start. These programs are great ways to see other parents and learn new ways to play with your baby.
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