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Preparing Your Child for School

Resilience is a person's ability to make it through difficult life changes and challenges and find ways to adjust, bounce back and thrive. It is important to help your child build resiliency skills so that they will be better able to cope with stress and changes as they grow, live and learn. This can also help prepare your child for the transition in to school.
Some things you can do to help your child become resilient include giving your child attention and affection, reading and playing with your child, and helping your child identify and express feelings..
Visit the Best Start resource centre online for more information about resiliency and preparing your child for school and life. The Northwestern Health Unit recommends searching for the following resources:
  • Building Resiliency in Young Children
  • Learning to Play and Playing to Learn: What Families Can Do

For additional information about helping your child prepare for school, including a School Readiness Checklist, visit the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario website and search for 'School Readiness'.