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Pregnancy and Alcohol

The choices you make when pregnancy can directly impact the health of your baby. Choosing to have an alcohol-free pregnancy will give your baby the best start possible. 

Your baby’s brain grows and develops through pregnancy. If a woman drinks alcohol during pregnancy it can cause fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), a serious brain defect, and permanent brain damage to your baby. Not drinking alcohol during pregnancy or if you are planning to become pregnant will help your baby be as healthy as possible. 

NO safe time, ​NO safe amount

There is NO safe time and NO safe amount of alcohol to drink when pregnant. Any kind of alcohol – beer, coolers, wine or spirits - can harm your baby. Binge drinking or drinking heavily is very harmful to an unborn baby. 

What if I had a couple of drinks before I knew I was pregnant?

Many pregnancies are unplanned. If you are sexually active, there is a chance you will become pregnant. Having a small amount of alcohol before you knew you were pregnant is not likely to harm your baby. You can help your baby by stopping drinking.

For more information contact your health care provider.

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