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Becoming a parent is an exciting new chapter of life, but it can also be challenging and make you feel frustrated, anger or overwhelmed. As a parent, you hold the key to your child's healthy growth and development. The relationship formed between you, your partner and your child will help set your child down the path of healthy growth and development and give them the best start in life. 
The health unit provides consultations, resources, and home visits to mothers, fathers and families to support the healthy growth of development of your baby.
Active, safe and healthy families
Baby-Friendly Initiative
The health unit is working towards the achievement of the Baby-Friendly Initiative. Find out what 'baby-friendly' means to the health unit.
Learn about how being an involved parent helps your child learn and grow and find out more about getting involved as a father.  
Explore the importance of breastfeeding and healthy infant feeding and making an informed infant feeding decision.  
HBHC is open to expectant mothers and new parents. Learn more about the free home visiting program.  

Healthy development of your baby/child
A healthy bond between parent and child will help a child feel good about themselves, and get along well with others. Learn more bout helping your child build skills that will help them succeed at home and at school. 
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Public Health Question
  • Q:
    My child continues to ask for unhealthy, pre-packaged snacks. What are some healthy alternatives I can give them instead?
    ​Many pre-packaged foods are high in fat, sugar or salt and are likely not the best snack food for your child. Fresh fruit and vegetables, yogurt, whole grain crackers and cheese, unsweetened applesauce or homemade trail mix are some healthier alt...