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Labour and Delivery

Expecting mothers spontaneously go into labour on, or around their due date. The due date is normally after 37 to 42 weeks of pregnancy. Every woman’s experience in labour and delivery is different and unique, but all pregnancies fit into one of three categories:
  • Natural childbirth is when a baby is born head-first through the vagina or birth canal. The mother is supervised by a health care professional but mom and baby do not need medical assistance.
  • Normal childbirth is when a baby is born head-first through the birth canal. A health care professional provides assistance to mother and baby to support the birth.
  • Assisted childbirth is needed if the health of mother or baby is in danger, or the labour is particularly difficult. A caesarean section is an example of an assisted childbirth.
Preparing for childbirth
Prenatal education classes are offered by the health unit to help mothers have a healthy pregnancy and prepare for labour. Learn more about classes in your community by visiting health before pregnancy or contact the health unit.
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