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Infant Hearing and Vision

Early identification of infant hearing and vision conditions is important to your baby. The sooner an issue is found the sooner your baby can be offered the support and services needed to help them get the best possible start in life.
To learn more about healthy hearing and vision development and the infant hearing and vision services available through the Northwestern Health Unit, choose from the topics below.
Infant hearing services
Learn about the quick, simple, and safe hearing screens offered to your baby.
Learn about the milestones of early hearing development as well as speech and vision development.
Preparing your baby for a hearing test
Having your baby's hearing tested is completely safe and will not hurt your baby. Most babies fall asleep and are not disturbed by the test. In fact, the audiologist will get the best results if your baby is sound asleep during the hearing tests. You can help by:
  • Keeping your baby awake for a few hours before the appointment.
  • Waiting to feed your baby until just before testing begins.
  • Bringing a comfortable, warm blanket.
  • Having extra diapers on hand, just in case.
Find the information and support you need to encourage the healthy development of your child who is blind or has low vision.