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Infant Hearing Screening

Infant hearing screening is quick, simple, and safe for your baby. Each year in Ontario, approximately four in 1000 babies are born deaf, hard of hearing or will develop hearing loss in early childhood. Having your infant’s hearing screened can help health care professionals identify hearing loss or factors that may cause hearing loss in the future. 
Hearing loss that is not identified can cause a delay in language and speech development in children. Delayed language development may make it difficult for kids to talk to others and make new friends. It can lead to behaviour and emotional problems in school and at home.
First hearing screen
All babies should be screened for hearing loss. You will be offered a hearing screen in the hospital before you and your baby go home.  If your baby does not receive a hearing screen in the hospital, the health unit will contact you to come to the nearest office for the screen.
A second hearing screen is done if your baby receives a "refer" results from the first hearing screen.
Audiology assessment
If you have been referred from the first two hearing screens, the health unit will
arrange an appointment for you with an audiologist who is an expert in testing babies. The assessment will give much more information than the infant screening.  It takes more time and you may need to go for more than one visit.
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