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Healthy Eating for Pregnancy

Healthy eating is important especially before and during pregnancy. Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet that gives you the vitamins, minerals and nutrients required to help your baby grow and develop properly.
The best way to make sure you are eating well and getting all the vitamins and nutrients you need for you and your baby is to follow Canada's Food Guide, available through the Health Canada website, and include foods from the four main food groups:
  • Vegetables and fruit.
  • Grain products.
  • Milk and alternatives.
  • Meat and alternatives.
Folic acid
Folic acid is a B vitamin that is also called folate when found in foods. Folic acid plays a very important role in the normal and healthy development of a baby's spine, brain and skull in the early weeks of pregnancy. Learn more about folic acid supplements before and during pregnancy.
Foods to avoid
If you have questions about healthy eating during pregnancy, or what foods to avoid, contact your health care professional or contact the health unit to book an appointment with a Public Health Nurse.

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