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Healthy Babies Healthy Children

Having a baby can be both an exciting and challenging time. It is normal for a mother to have a lot of questions about your baby and adjusting to life with a new baby. The health unit's Healthy Babies Healthy Children program offers expectant and mothers and new parents home visits from public health nurses and parenting partners to support parents and families. This program is free, available to all moms and participation is voluntary.

Pregnant mothers
You will be given information and support to help you have a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. You will learn how your baby grows and develops, and how to best prepare for your delivery.

New parent or parents
You will receive a telephone call from a public health nurse after baby is born within 48-hours of discharge from the hospital. Public health nurses and parenting partners will provide ongoing home visits to support you as a parent. They will contact you, answer any questions you have, weigh your baby and give you health information that is important for raising a healthy baby.
Home visits help you learn about:

Prenatal supports

The Healthy Babies Healthy Children program also has prenatal supports including information for all stages of pregnancy, free resources, and access to milk coupons and prenatal vitamins for clients who qualify.

For more information about the Health Babies Healthy Children program or to speak to a Public health nurse in your community, please call1-800-465-4377.