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Health Before Pregnancy

Deciding if you want to have children, and when you want children is the first step. If you decide to wait or to not have children at all, the NWHU’s sexual health program can help you prevent pregnancy.

​Making a Reproductive Life Plan

A Reproductive Life Plan helps you stay in control of your life by guiding you through the timing and preparation for childbearing.  It encourages you to reflect on what changes are needed now to have a healthy baby and child later. Click here for a fillable/printable PDF version of the Reproductive Life Plan from the Best Start Resource Center. There is one just for teens too!

You can also get one at your local Northwestern Health Unit office.​

For more information on Preparing for Pregnancy

There are many aspects of health to think through when preparing for pregnancy.

Click here to learn more about topics to consider, such as:

  • your current lifestyle (healthy eating, physical activity, substances to avoid),
  • your physical health (fertility, vaccinations, infections, medical conditions, dental health)
  • your mental health and supports
  • your family history
  • your environmental exposures

If you would like to speak to a Family Health Nurse about preparing for a healthy pregnancy contact your local health unit office​ and we would be happy to assist.​

Family Health Nurses are available to present on the topic of preconception health. We have participated with high school parenting classes, health fairs, church marriage prep groups, wedding shows and more. If your group would benefit from some preconception health guidance please contact us for more information 1-866-465-4377.​​

Public Health Question
  • Q:
    Can I get the flu shot if I’m pregnant?
    ​The flu shot is safe to get while you are pregnant, and in fact is important for the baby’s health. Influenza during pregnancy is not ideal. Once the baby is born, mom can spread viruses to the baby but a flu shot makes it very unlikely the mom w...