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About COVID-19 and how to prevent it

Do you have questions about COVID-19?

If you have questions about COVID-19, you can participate in our online public Q&A sessions with Dr. Kit Young Hoon. For more information, click the following:

Want to know more abo​ut COVID-19?​​

Step​ Three of the Province's Roadmap to Reopen begins on July 16th. Learn more about what that means by reading the plan:

It is important to use information from trusted sources. Use the following to learn about COVID-19:

Getting back to normal life:

The likelihood of being exposed to COVID-19 increases when you interact with more people. Being fully vaccinated changes your risk of catching COVID-19 and getting ill, but it does not change your risk of being exposed to the virus. 

Choosing safer activities to participate in will affect your risk of being exposed to COVID-19. Factors to consider when choosing activities include:
  • Your age and personal health status
  • The age and health status of those around you
  • COVID-19 activity levels in your community
  • What settings and activities you are engaging in
Some example of activities and risk levels include:

Safest activities:
  • Outdoor activities with members of your household
  • Small outdoor gatherings with fully vaccinated people
  • Being physically close to a fully vaccinated person (haircut, dinner)
Less safe:
  • Eating outdoor with people from multiple households who are not fully vaccinated
  • Going into an uncrowded indoor setting where people around you may not be vaccinated
Least safe (especially if you are not fully vaccinated):
  • Going to a large or crowded indoor gathering where people may not be fully vaccinated
  • Eating or drinking indoors with people from multiple household who are not fully vaccinated
  • Being physically close to a person who is partially or un-vaccinated and who is not a member of your household
COVID-19 vaccine information:

What can I do to p​​revent COVID-19?

To prevent any viral illness, including COVID-19: