Curling has become a very popular Canadian winter sport for all ages. It has gained significant popularity with high-level performances from men, women and juniors at events such as the Olympics and World Championships. This sport caters to all ages and abilities and is played by two teams consisting of four players per team: a lead, a second, a vice and a skip. Each player slides two rocks or stones down the sheet of ice, toward the ‘house’ at the other end of the ice. Players use brooms to guide the track or speed of the stones. Points are scored for the stones resting closest to the centre of the ‘house’ after all of the rocks have been thrown.  Curling shoes or a curling slider is worn over the shoe so curlers can move with ease on the ice. A variety of curling brooms and equipment accessories are available to assist with stone delivery and sweeping. 
Junior Rockers or Lil’ Rockers are great programs to introduce children to the sport. Men’s, women’s, seniors', junior and mixed leagues are common to many clubs. The "Rocks and Rings" program is another great way to introduce the sport to school children.