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Red Lake


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Red Lake and Ear Falls Parenting Inventory

EarlyON Child and Family Centre Red Lake

Contact Ingrid Atkinson at 727-3576

Resources and Playgroups

  • Red Lake is our main site with outreach in Cochenour and Balmertown
  • Services are free
  • Calendars available at the centers featuring programs and playgroup times and locations
  • Focus of playgroups is on families with children 0-6 years
  • Baby N Me groups take place on Wednesdays and is for families with children who are up to 18 months
  • A RN from the Northwestern Health Unit will be there doing baby weights, answering questions and will have handouts on various child health topics on days listed on our calendar.

Parent Infant Rhymes & Song

  • Open to all ages of children but geared more for 0-3 years
  • Encourages attachment between parent and baby, and interaction with other parents
  • Teaches parents simple rhymes and songs they can sing with their child at home
  • Program is offered 2 times per year
  • Dianne Sidders RN (FIREFLY Prenatal Nutrition Program) will be there bi-weekly doing baby weights, answering -questions of presentations on various topics as requested by parents

Breastfeeding Support Group

  • Breastfeeding Support Group is for new and expecting mothers to share their experience or have questions
  • Takes place the first Tuesday of every month at the Balmertown location Dianne Sidders RN (FIREFLY Prenatal and Nutrition Program) and an RN (Northwestern Health Unit) attend the group and offer information and will answer questions regarding breastfeeding and other topics you may have

Baby Food Making

  • Dianne Sidders RN (FIREFLY Prenatal Nutrition Program) will introduce parents with infants entering the table food stage of eating to homemade baby food
  • Care will be provided for your child while you prepare your food
  • Offered as needed at Cochenour Hall

Roots of Empathy

  • A rich and highly rewarding classroom parenting program that teaches human development, emotional literacy and nurtures the growth of empathy
  • It is offered to one grade per year at the public schools in Red Lake and Balmertown
  • EarlyON Child and Family Centre staff are trained to implement this program
Baby Picasso Art Program​
  • Art Program offered to children 6 to 18 months
  • Introduction to painting and creating with different materials with help from a parent
  • Offered in the spring during Baby N Me

Bounce Back & Thrive (BBT)

  • BBT is a 10-session evolving evidence-based resiliency skills training program for parents with children under the age of 8 years
  • BBT helps parents build skills that increase their capacity to role model resilience in their daily interactions with their children
  • Offered every other year through FIREFLY

Triple P Parenting Program

  • Triple P gives parents simple and practical strategies to help them confidently manage their children’s behavior, prevent problems developing and build strong, healthy relationships
  • Offered once a year through FIREFLY
Collaboration with Diane Bennett from the Red Lake Indian Friendship Centre
  • Diane often comes and does themed crafts with the parents who attend the Centre (around Holidays) 
  • Diane runs infant massage classes at the Centre a times a year

Community Cooking

  • We do the shopping, you do the cooking!
  • You will go home with 6 freezer meals from 3 recipes
  • $20 deposit required, final costs of all supplies will be divided amongst those in attendance
  • Care is offered to your child while you prepare your meals
  • Offered once a month at Cochenour Hall

Community Garden

  • The Best Start Hub partners with parents in planting a small garden and sharing the rewards of growing your own food!
  • Community Garden located at Laverty Park in Red Lake meet once a week, with your children, to care for the garden
    • May – S​​eptember

Babysitters Course

  • Offered in the spring to ages 12 and up.
  • $20.00 fee to cover cost of book and snacks

EarlyON Children and Family Centre Ear Falls

Contact Marg Trippier at 222-3462

Resources and Playgroups - EarlyON Children and Family Centre Ear Falls

  • Services are completely free
  • Calendars are available at the centre featuring programs and playgroup times and locations
  • Focus of playgroups is on families with children 0-6 years

Mother Goose Program

  • Offered throughout the year for various age groups
  • Encourages interaction between parents and children
  • Teaches songs, rhymes and stories to parents that they can use at home
  • A related craft is offered along with a healthy snack
  • Parents and children interact with each other and with other families that attend

Super Scientist

  • This program utilizes simple science experiments so parents and children can work together and discover the exciting world of science
  • It is offered to children ages 3 to 6 years

Play With Me

  • This is a playgroup for children age 0 to 2 years. It encourages parents to come out and see our vast variety of toys and be able to socialize with other parents.
  • Age-appropriate craft and snack provided

Tot Time

  • This program is offered once a week throughout the year
  • For infants and toddlers
Baby Picasso
  • Baby Picasso promotes babies brain development through the process of various art activities.
  • Aimed at children 0-24 months accompanied by their parent/ caregiver
  • Encourages parents to promote their babies social/emotional and physical development through various hands-on play activities; such as sensory finger paint, various sounds through music & talking, stimulating vision, and gross and fine motor skills.
  • Increases concentration skills, promotes language development, enhances curiosity, encourages exploration and trying new things.

Stroll n Roll – Best Start Hub Ear Falls

  • Aimed at families, stroll and roll takes place throughout the spring and summer months
  • This program encourages families to get out doors, enjoy a little exercise and visit with other families
  • As we stroll around our quiet little community we notice and point out various things we see in our surroundings such as flowers, berries, etc.
  • This program usually offers a draw prize at the end of each month

Junior Chef - Best Start Hub Ear Falls

  • This playgroup uses simple recipes for young children. It encourages language and math skills and enhances small muscle development and hand-eye coordination.

Talk Time - Best Start Hub Ear Falls

  • This is an eight-week program that encourages physical activity for children ages 4-6 years

Make the Connection 0-1yrs & 1-2yrs – Best Start Hub Ear Falls

  • Parents attend Make the Connection with their 0-1 year old or 1-2 year old depending on the session
  • •he group usually includes 8 to 10 families
  • Sessions are co-led by two trained MTC Group Facilitators
  • MTC uses an experiential, adult learning approach which takes into account diverse learning styles and modalities
  • It leaves room for parents to individualize the program messages and information depending on their personal and cultural experiences
  • The learning process is further enhanced by the supportive ways in which group facilitators relate to parents – by connecting, communicating and facilitating in ways that parallel a nurturing parent-toddler relationship

Roots of Empathy – Best Start Hub Ear Falls

  • Roots of Empathy is an evidence-based classroom program that has shown significant effect in reducing levels of aggression among school children by raising social/emotional competence and increasing empathy
  • The program reaches elementary school children from Kindergarten to Grade 8
  • There are a total of 27 visits to the classroom with 9 of them including a baby and his/her parent
  • In Canada, the program is delivered in English and French and reaches rural, urban, and remote communities including Aboriginal communities
  • Roots of Empathy is also delivered in New Zealand, the United States, Isle of Man, the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland
  • Last year our sessions took place in a grade 2 class and a grade 1 class this year

Kids in the Kitchen - Best Start Hub Ear Falls

  • Aimed at children 10-11 years
  • Service is free
  • Consists of 2 sets of 6 -2 hour sessions
  • Once per week in the spring and fall
  • Utilize volunteer high school students to help them get volunteer hours
  • Classes include such topics as: The Canada Food Guide, good shopping techniques, making snacks, dinner, desert, cake decorating and fun food games
  • The children plan and make a meal for their families at our facility

Baby Sitters Course - Best Start Hub Ear Falls

  • Aimed at 12 year old children
  • Cost is $15
  • This course is set up and mandated by the Canadian Safety Council.
  • There are a total of 9 sessions
  • We attempt to have a police officer, fire person and ambulance attendant to attend classes for the children to have a question and answer session with these professionals

Community Book Shelf – Best Start Hub Ear Falls

  • This is a book shelf that we have placed our Township Arena giving families access to free books and emphasizing the importance of reading
  • The concept is for families to be able to utilize this shelf anytime the arena is open and they can give books to the shelf, borrow and return books or just take books and keep them
  • The EarlyON Children and Family Centre keeps the shelf tidy and full

FIREFLY - Physical, Emotional, Developmental and Community Services - Contact 727-9064


A light for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s potential
·         Intake and case management
·         Adult community case management
·         Child and family intervention
·         Rehabilitation services
·         Child development
·         Prenatal & Nutrition Program


FIREFLY Prenatal Nutrition Program
  • Offers group and individual prenatal classes
  • Provides education, information and support for prenatal/postnatal clients
  • Food/vitamin coupons
  • Transportation available to medical and office visits
  • Helps enhance support to new mothers
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Home visits for care of a newborn and mom to have a healthier and happier postpartum period

Red Lake Indian Friendship Centre - Contact 727-3000


The Friendship Centre offers culturally relevant, community-based programs for Aboriginal/Non-aboriginal families. Various cultural community events are held throughout the year including Pow Wow, Feasts, Teachings

     CSW/FASD-Community/FASD Family Support (all ages)
     CPNP – Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program (prenatal to 6
                   month old infants)
     AHBHC-Aboriginal Healthy Babies Healthy Children (families with
                   children aged 0-6 years)
     CAP-C – Community Action Program for Children (0-6 years)
     AKWE:GO – Programming for children 7-12 years
     Healthy Living program for children and adults
     Adult programs as well (HOW, LLC, AHWS, APATISWIN,

Prenatal Supports

  • Group or individual prenatal sessions
  • Prenatal Vitamins/Nutritional supports
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Smoking cessation program for expectant families
  • Resource lending-birthing and parenting disks and books
  • Prenatal home visits
  • Hospital tours

Postnatal/Infant Supports

  • Care of Newborn/mom and dad support
  • Breastfeeding support/Breast pump available to borrow
  • Postnatal Home visits
  • Nutritional guidance and supports
  • Student Nutrition Program for school-aged children
  • Physical activities for children and adults
  • HEAL program (Healthy living-weight loss program)
  • Parent Relief/Preschool Program
  • Aqua-Tots swimming program for parents and infants

Children aged 2-6 years
On-Site Preschool Room (Forestry Rd location)

  • ​​Transportation provided
  • Children ages 1-6 years-CAP-C Program
  • Children 16-36 months – Parent Relief
  • Children ages 2 years-Teeny Otters Program
  • Children ages 5-6 years–Big Bears after-school programs
  • Milk/Nutrition Program
  • Sea Turtles (swim program)
  • Busy Beavers Summer Program
  • Parenting Programs​
Child​ren 7 – 12 years

AKWE:GO and AKWE: GO Special Support Programs

  • Programs and services include: Gym Nights, Homework Nights, Craft Nights, Girls Club, Boys Club, Parent Programs, Special Events
  • Kids-in-the-Kitchen Cooking Program
  • Traditional Activities include: Regalia Making, Traditional Crafts, Traditional food preparation and cooking.

Parent Programs– Support

  • Parent programs are scheduled throughout each month and include a variety of fun activities such as crafts, exercise and  community kitchen
  • Supports and services are provided to parents/caregivers as needed; one-on-one support, referrals, transportation, assistance with appointments, advocacy, home visits

Northwestern Health Unit

Red Lake: 727-2626 / Ear Falls: 222-3098

Healthy Babies Healthy Children - parenting can be hard and we want to offer you a free and voluntary program to support you in it

  • You will be offered information and support for a healthy pregnancy and birth
  • Prenatal classes online or in class (group or one on one)
  • Milk coupons if unable to afford milk
  • Breastfeeding support for mothers and mothers to be
  • We house the Reproductive Health Network’s hospital grade double breast pumps available for rent  
  • Will connect you to prenatal and parenting services in your community 
  • Provides home visits by public health nurses and home visitors to expectant mothers, new parents, parents with children to age 6 who would like support and receive individualized information and skills from the program 
  • Conducts assessment on babes and children to monitor and promote healthy growth and development
  • Support moms experiencing post-partum blues/depression or just feeling overwhelmed
  • Support dads in their parenting roles and how they can support their partners
  • Have a scale available to weigh your baby at our office during business hours 8:30am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:30pm

Contact:  Ear Falls  - Shannon Maki at 222-3098 ext. 305762
               Red Lake - Nadine Roche at 727-2826 ext. 306775

Support Services

Canadian Mental Health Association Peer Support Drop-in Centre
  • For individuals 18 years and older that have a personal mental health issue, or have had one in the past.
  • Is a self-help network and a place where individuals experiencing mental health difficulties can benefit from participating in our recovery-focused Drop-In Centre for a wide range of social, recreational, and educational activities
  • We provide a supportive confidential and safe place to assist individuals with their recovery
  • Drop in Wednesday and Thursday  9:30am – 3:00pm 
    • at 201-B Hammell Rd, Red Lake
Contact: Kameron Zawada at 727-2162 ext 203 

The Woman Program
  • Women who have experienced violence or live in poverty, on fixed incomes or are homeless, can access donations including food through this program​
  • We provide workshops for women, including sharing circles.
Contact: Kathy Tetlock at 727-3303
Community Counselling and Addiction Services is a community-based, non-profit organization that offers free confidential services in the Red Lake and Ear Falls area.
Mental Health Counselling (people 18+): Individualized assessment; crisis intervention; counselling and treatment; client directed goal planning; referrals to other services and resources.
Mental Health Case Management (people 18+): Individualized assessment and counselling; crisis intervention and support; client directed goal planning; client advocacy and service co-ordination; linkage to services and resources; family support and education; skills development and medication monitoring.
Substance Abuse Assessment and Counselling (people 12+): Education; assessment; outpatient treatment services; family support and education; community awareness and prevention campaigns.
Problem Gambling Assessment and Counselling (people 12+): Education; assessment; outpatient treatment services; family support and education; community awareness and prevention campaigns.
Community Education: A variety of workshops are available upon request.
For more information, or to arrange an appointment, contact:
Community Counselling and Addiction Services 146 Howey Street, Red Lake ON P0V 2M0
Telephone: (807) 727-1100
Hours of Operation: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm