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Kenora Parenting Inventory

1.    Prenatal Classes:
·     Community Prenatal Classes: Northwestern Health Unit
Contact: 468-3147 to register
·     Private Birthing and Breastfeeding Classes
Contact: 407-1296 or
·     Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program
Contact: 467-2765
2.    Firefly Family Programs: 467-5437 (467-KIDS)
·     Triple P Parenting Program
The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is one of the most effective evidence-based parenting programs in the world, backed up by more than 30 years of ongoing research. Triple P gives parents simple and practical strategies to help them confidently manage their children’s behaviour, prevent problems from developing and build strong, healthy relationships. Triple P is currently used in 25 countries and has been shown to work across cultures, socio-economic groups and in all kinds of family structures.
·     Children First – Parenting through Separation and Divorce
The Children First program provides separating and divorcing parents with the opportunity to learn about and discuss the effect that divorce and the changing family situation has on children. With the assistance of a videotape presentation and discussion, parents are introduced to methods of minimizing the negative consequence of divorce on their children. Particular focus is on making participants aware of the potential sources of parental conflict that often become a part of the divorce process.
·     Strengthening Families for the Future
SFF is a family change program designed to reduce factors that put families at risk, and enhance factors that can help families to function well. Built around a family meal, the program uses role play and other fun, interactive activities to promote problem solving and communication skills – all of which improve parent and child relationships.
·     Bounce Back & Thrive!
BBT is a ten-week evolving evidence-based resiliency skills training program for parents with children under eight years. BBT skills help parents help their children build the resilience necessary to handle life’s inevitable bumps in the road and make use of opportunities to grow and learn.
·     Positive Discipline at the Minto Parent Child Resource
      Centre: 468-3161
An eight-week workshop that provides concrete answers to parents who want to raise their children in a positive climate without punishment. Topics such as child development, healthy parent/child relationships and resolving conflicts will be discussed. Through positive discipline, children learn to be fair, empathic, resist temptation and learn to make the right decision even when the parent is not there.
·     Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program: Contact Julie at 467-
Services offered to support prenatal health and nutrition. Prenatal classes are offered. 
3.    Best Start Hub: 467-5530
·     Baby Beginnings
Drop in to weigh and measure your babies every other week with Best Start Hub and Northwestern Health Unit staff.  Intended for babies ages zero to one.
·     Baby Talk
An informal group for parents of infants up to two years. A circle time, guest speakers and selected topics for discussion will be introduced each week.
·     Mother Goose
This group offers parents and their children ages one to four the opportunity to play together through crafts, songs and rhymes. A light snack is provided.
·     Rock 'N Read
A six-week session offered throughout the year for parents and children ages infant to six years to read and interact through song, rhymes and stories. An age-appropriate craft and light snack are offered while parents create a book for their children.
·     Music and Movement
A program for three to five year olds. Sign up for a four-week session for an opportunity for parents and children to learn through creative movement, music and crafts.
·     ESSO Family Math
A six-week session for ages three to five years. Family math sessions educate parents to develop positive attitudes towards mathematics in their children.
·     Kids Have Stress, Too!
A three-week program to help parents and caregivers  understand childhood stress and provide children with the tools to deal with stress effectively.
·     Kids in the Kitchen
Parents with children ages three to five years sign up for a four-week session of circle time with songs, a story and cooking a simple recipe with your child.
·     Story Time
Drop-in Story Time offered by the Kenora Public Library and Best Start Hub staff offers some reading fun, crafts and games. For July and August it is held at Cameron Bay Day Nursery. Intended for children ages three to seven years.
·     Minaki Playgroup
An outreach program offered in July and August.
·     Sioux Narrows Playgroup
An outreach program for families in Sioux Narrows offered every Tuesday at the community centre.
4.    Kenora Public Library: 467-2081
·     The Kenora Public Library offers family programming, story
      hour and crafts.
5.    Wassay-Gezhig Na-Nahn-Dah-We-Igamig: 467-8770
·     The Health Access Centre provides holistic education,
      promotion and clinical services. A partner in providing Raising
      the Children, which is a traditional parenting program. 
6.    Metis Nation of Ontario: 468-5835
·     Family support programs available to aboriginal, metis and non-
      metis families.
7.    NeChee Friendship Centre: 468-5440
·     Raising the Children
A parent education program for aboriginal parents. Topics on parent self-care, passing on traditional values, understanding the child and challenges for parents will be reviewed. Contact NeChee for monthly program calendars.
8.    Women’s Place: 468-9095
·     Women's Place Kenora is a non-profit organization committed to
      the health and wellness of women and children in Kenora and the
      surrounding area. Women owned and collectively operated. 
*Resource Centre—extensive book and film library, dealing with a broad range of issues
*Information on healing from and preventing violence against women
*Workshops (suggest a topic!) and group activities
*Peer counseling
*Support with employment, self-employment and developing economic independence
*Support with housing and basic needs, including our “Freecycle Room” with free clothes, housewares, furniture
*Computers with free Internet (wireless), fax, photocopier
*Assistance with letter writing and resumes
*Networking and community development opportunities—join us, and get involved!
*Advocacy and referrals
9.    P.A.S.S. Program: 468-7264
·     Parents Attending Secondary School (P.A.S.S) is a program
      through Beaver Brae Secondary School to assist parents with
      completing their high school diploma. Parents need to be under
      21 years old. Prenatal parents and parents with children are
10. Saakaate House Women's Shelter: 468-5491
·     Mothers In Mind
A group for mothers with children ages zero to four who have experienced trauma and violence. The goals of this group are to enhance parenting skills, strengthen parent-child relationships and reduce parenting stress. This is a ten-week program.
11. Child and Family Services
 Kenora-Rainy River Districts Child and Family Services: 467-
·     Family support services to ensure the safety of all children.
Anishinaabe Abinoojii Family Services: 468-6224
·     Family support services to strengthen families and ensure the
      safety of all anishinaabe children.