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Dryden, Ignace and Machin Parenting Inventory

EarlyON Child and Family Centre

Playgroups, Tot Time, Drop In, Resources, Programs

Contact:  EarlyON Centre -  Dryden  223-7145
Ignace  934-6696
Vermilion Bay  227-5437

Parenting Programs

Active Parenting, Bounce Back and Thrive, Triple P and 123 Magic.


Contact: Firefly Dryden/Ignace  223-8550

Parent-Child Mother Goose Program

A group experience for parents and their babies, birth to 1 year focusing on the pleasure and power of rhymes and song together.


Contact:  EarlyON Centre - Dryden  223-7145
Ignace  934-6696
Vermilion Bay  227-5437

Family Math Program

Children 3 years of age and their parent.  Parents assist children to explore math through fun activities such as games, books and music.


Contact:  EarlyON Centre - Dryden  223-7145
Ignace  934-6696
Vermilion Bay  227-5437

How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

A 6 week course that helps parents build a better relationship with children of all ages.

Contact:  EarlyON Centre   

                 Dryden  223-7145 

                 Vermilion Bay  



Alphabet Soup

A program for families with preschool children age 2 to 5 years.  Parents and children have fun with food, rhymes, songs, crafts and children’s books.  They create and eat a healthy snack together and take home recipes and other nutrition tips.  (6 sessions) 


Contact:  Dryden EarlyON Centre  223-7145

PEPS –Program for Early Parent Support

Parents share information, stories and successes. Activities for children.

Contact: Ignace EarlyON Centre: 934-6696

Positive Discipline

An 8 week workshop for parents providing information on healthy parent/child relationships and resolving conflicts. Positive communication leads children to be fair, empathic, resist temptation and learn to make the right decision even when the parent is not there.

Contact: EarlyON Centre - Dryden 223-7145
Ignace 934-6696 Wabigoon CAP-C 938-0051

Tot Time - Parent Respite

Thursdays 1pm-4:30pm. Must pre-register.

Contact : Ignace EarlyON Centre 934-6696

Parent Instruction for Infant CPR

Contact: EarlyON Centre
Dryden 223-7145
Ignace 934-6696
Vermilion Bay 227-5437

Dryden Recreation Complex

Preschool Parent & Tots Swim or Skating
Contact: Dryden Rec. Complex 223-1425

Infant Massage

Program for parents and babies birth to 1 year.
Parents learn and practice techniques, philosophy
and concepts supporting infant massage (stimulates
growth of body and mind, relief from gas, colic,
teething, improves sleep etc).

Contact: Ignace EarlyON Centre 934-6696


An early literacy program for parents and children 3-5
years using games, books, songs and dance activities.

Contact: EarlyON Centre - Dryden 223-7145
Ignace 934-6696 Vermilion Bay 227-5437

Kids Have Stress Too

A workshop for parents to learn ways to teach
children how to recognize stress and practical ways
for coping with it.

Contact: Ignace EarlyON Centre 934-6696

Prenatal Classes:

Northwestern Health Unit
Dryden 223-3301 Ignace 934-2236

Gift of Motherhood Online Prenatal Education:
Go to , call 1-800-465-4377 or email to register for your FREE
access code or call your local Northwestern Health Unit.

Breastfeeding Support

Northwestern Health Unit Dryden 223-3301

Northwestern Health Unit Ignace 934-2236

La Leche League: Dryden 223-5592
Telehealth Ontario 24/7 Breastfeeding Support 1-866-797-0000

Perinatal Loss Support for Miscarriage/Stillbirth
and Postpartum Depression Support

Contact: Northwestern Health Unit
Dryden 223-3301 Ignace 934-2236

Dryden Public Library and Ignace Public Library:

Family Programs such as story hour, crafts, Lego
club, family movie events and much more.

Contact: Dryden 223-1475 Ignace 934-2280

CAP-C (Community Action Program for Children)

CAP-C strives to promote the healthy development of
children and families from the pre-natal stage to age 6.
FREE community based social, educational,
recreational, and cultural activities. Aboriginal culture

Contact: Wabigoon CAP-C/Aboriginal EarlyON Centre
Dryden CAP-C 223-5280

Making Connections for Children and Youth

Assists families in financial need to access
recreational programs for children up to 18 years.
Swim, skate, bowl, music, karate, hockey etc. Also
provides car seats to families who qualify.

Contact: Ontario Works 223-4442
Northwestern Health Unit 223-3301
Firefly 223-8550

Aboriginal Healthy Babies Healthy Children

Home visits, prenatal support and milk to prenatal
moms and children. Traditional Parenting courses such
as Sacred Children.

Contact: Ontario Native Women’s Assoc. 223-8730

Nursery School Programs

Dryden Nursery School Co-op 223-2433

Vermilion Bay Nursery School Co-op 227-5437

Ignace Nursery School 934-6696