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Prenatal Classes

The Northwestern Health Unit (NWHU) offers classes for parents who are expecting a baby and for new parents following the birth of their baby. Prenatal information and supports are free and available at all NWHU office locations.

Topics covered in prenatal classes:

  • Healthy lifestyle choices during pregnancy.
  • Signs of preterm or early labour.
  • Preparation for natural childbirth or cesarean (C-section birth). 
  • Comfort ideas for mom and labour partner.
  • Infant feeding/Breastfeeding information. 
  • Preparation for postpartum.

Through a combination of teaching, group sharing, audio-visual resources, and hands on demonstrations; participants learn about preparing for birth, caring for their baby, and becoming a parent. 

To meet the needs of different families, NWHU provides prenatal education in the following formats:

​Virtual Group C​lasses

Prenatal Education group classes are available through the GoToMeeting Platform. The class schedules will vary depending on registration. See below for more information on how to register.

One to​ One Sessions or Refreshers

One to One prenatal education is available in all of NWHU’s communities over the phone or on the GoToMeeting Platform. This option was created for expectant parents who cannot attend the group sessions or as a refresher for experienced parents who wish to review current birthing information. See below for more information on how to register.

Online Prenatal Education

Our self-guided online prenatal program, InJoy Health Education, is a web-based and mobile-friendly platform that includes audio, videos, animations, and games to help you learn about healthy pregnancy, labour and birth, breastfeeding, and taking care of your newborn. It is available to all residents in the Kenora and Rainy River Districts.

Click here to learn mo​re​.

Combination Prenatal Education

All above education options  can be combined to suit your needs.

​How to Register for Prenatal classes:

  1. Call our toll free number 1-800-465-4377


These web pages are for information purposes only. They are NOT a substitute for professional medical advice.

Please be advised: If you are experiencing any pain, bleeding, or feel that there is something wrong, please do not use the phone numbers or e-mail address listed above. Call your health care provider immediately, go to the nearest emergency department, or call 911 for help.​​


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  • Postpartum
  • Baby Food Making
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