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Dental Screening and Prevention

The Northwestern Health Unit offers dental screening and preventive services in schools, child care centres and other community locations. 

Dental screening
Screening consists of a visual inspection by a registered dental hygienist to identify obvious dental conditions that are causing or will cause pain.  

Most children are screened at school. Parents of infants, preschool age children, or children not screened at preschool or school may request dental screening at the health unit. 

Preventive clinics
Free preventive services are offered in schools. These services include: teeth cleaning, fluoride application, and sealants. To notify parents that preventive services are being offered, a note is sent home from school with each child.

Fluoride varnish
At various community locations, the health unit provides infants and preschool children with a fluoride treatment painted directly on the teeth with a small brush. Fluoride varnish can begin as soon as baby teeth appear.   

Please call your local health unit for more information, to ask when the health unit will be in your child's child care centre or school and to make an appointment at our office clinic.

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