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Traveller Health Notice:
Click here for the most current information on Zika virus for the public and for health professionals which is available on the Government of Canada website.

Infection Prevention and Control Lapse Disclosure:
This website contains reports on premises where an infection prevention and control lapse was more

Food Recall Warnings and Allergy Alerts:
For current food recall warnings and allergy allerts from the Canada Food Inspection Agency,
 see recalled products and details here.

Eating Ontario Fish?
If you are eating fish caught in Ontario you can use this guide to help you identify the types and amounts of fish that are safe to eat. Learn how to choose and prepare fish to reduce contaminants.


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  • Q:
    I work late hours because of shift work. When is the best time for me to eat meals?
    ​Try to eat meals according to the time of day, not your shift. For example if you are working nights, eat your main meal before your shift begins. Try to aim for between 5 and 7pm. Have healthy snacks that include carbohydrate and protein during ...