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Summer Safety

Explore more! This summer, get out from behind the screens and spend time outdoors with friends and family. Try out a local trail on foot or by bike, head out for a paddle on a nearby waterway, or check out an active event in your community. Have fun and stay safe by following this helpful tips:

  • Stay afloat. Wear a properly fitting lifejacket during activities like fishing, boating, or paddling. Children should wear a lifejacket when on a dock or around water.
  • Be sun safe. SLIP into lightweight, light-coloured and long-sleeved clothing that covers as much skin as possible; SLAP on a hat and sunglasses; SLOP on a broad-spectrum sunscreen and lip balm of SPF 30 or higher; and, SEEK shade. Use extra caution to prevent heat-related illness in periods of extreme heat.
  • Pack a snack. Fill a cooler with an ice pack, healthy snacks and water to enjoy along the way. Choose water and healthy foods; they are the best choice for your teeth and body and will give you the energy you need to be active.
  • Don’t get ticked. When outdoors, prevent bug bites by wearing light coloured, long-sleeved clothing and pants; using a bug repellent with ‘DEET’ (follow the directions on label); and, checking yourself, your family and pets for ticks.
  • Plan ahead. Visit the health unit website to see which beaches are open and safe for swimming.
  • Drink responsibly. If you choose to drink, follow Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking to minimize your risk of health harms.
  • Extreme HeatEveryone is at risk of heat illnesses from extreme heat or humidity. There are many things you can do to keep cool and avoid heat-related illnesses this summer. 

Encourage your family and friends to join you as you explore. Have fun, stay healthy and build active memories that will last a lifetime! One thing, many rewards - Do One Thing.