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Be an Informed Voter: Get Informed, Be Heard, and Vote

The decisions of the provincial government can impact your health and quality of life. Provincial leaders can make a difference by supporting programs and policies that allow all residents of Ontario to reach their full health potential.

Get Informed
Find out where candidates stand on topics that are important to you. Do some research on parties' platforms around issues that you care about and find out which party/candidate best represents your concerns.

Be Heard
Ask the candidates questions! Tell your local candidate your needs and concerns. Ask them what they’ll do to make things better. This can happen at forums, debates, town hall meetings, or one-on-one in person, by email or over the phone.

Vote on June 7, 2018. Do you have questions about voting or how to vote? The Elections Ontario website might have what you're looking for.

Need help getting started?  Based on data in our region, we have identified some important healthy public policy areas and related questions for candidates.

​Oral Health​​​​​

The Issue
  • Oral health impacts overall health.
  • There are not enough oral health services for low-income adults in Northwestern Ontario.
  • Low-income adults in the region have significant oral health needs.
  • Many adults in our area suffer from daily dental pain but cannot afford to go to the dentist and have to go to their local emergency room for help
  • There are adults in our region suffering from extreme dental problems. This often leads to poor nutrition, underemployment, and dependency on pain medications.
  • For more information, see our Adult Oral Health Background Information document​
Possible questions you can ask your provincial candidates
  • Does your party support access to free dental care for low-income adults?
  • How will your party improve access to dental care for vulnerable adults in our region?
The Issue
  • Alcohol consumption can lead to health problems like cancer, liver cirrhosis, and injuries.
  • Alcohol is harmful to our health and costs Canada $3.3 billion in health care costs each year.​
  • Increased access to alcohol, like selling it in grocery stores, is linked to increased usage.
  • Drinking rates are high in Northwestern Ontario compared to the province.
  • For more information, see our Alcohol Consumption Background Information document​
Possible questions you can ask your provincial candidates
  • Does your party support expanding alcohol sales? Why or why not?
  • How will your party support and encourage people living in Northwestern Ontario to drink according to the Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines?  
Smoke-free Ontario​
The Issue
  • When discussing smoke-free, smoke includes commercial tobacco and cannabis.
  • Commerical tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death and illness in Ontario with 13 000 tobacco-related deaths each year.
  • Cannabis use carries health risks, including problems with brain functioning, respiratory problems, addiction, and impaired driving.
  • Our area has high smoking rates compared to the province.
  • Reducing the harms of tobacco, e-cigarettes, and cannabis is possible with government-controlled restrictions on access, labelling, advertising, and marketing along with appropriately funded education and treatment services.
Possible questions you can ask your provincial candidates
  • Do you think that more can be done to protect Ontarians from the harms of commercial tobacco?
  • How will your party protect Ontarians from the negative effects of cannabis?
The Issue
  • People with low incomes have higher rates of health problems and less access to healthy food and safe housing.
  • For many Ontario workers, full-time work does not guarantee a life above the poverty line.​​
  • Nearly 1 in 5 children in Northwestern Ontario live in a low-income household.
  • The World Health Organization has declared income as the single largest determinant of health.
  • For more information, see our Income and Poverty Background Information page​
Possible questions you can ask your provincial candidates
  • Does your party support the Ontario Basic Income Pilot?
  • How will your party support low-income individuals with housing, food, or income needs?