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Poverty and limited access to healthy foods are complex issues facing our communities. One of our responsibilities as a health unit is to share information about issues like these with the public and decision-makers in our communities. This year,  municipal candidates were asked to complete a survey to start a discussion across the province about how to address poverty and food insecurity.
This collaborative local and provincial project is being coordinated by the Ontario Society of Nutrition Professionals in Public Health Food Security Working Group and administered by local partners, including the Northwestern Health Unit (NWHU). The partners are working together to help raise awareness about poverty reduction and food access to help build and strengthen healthy, vibrant communities. The NWHU video Let's Start a Conversation about Health and Not Talk about Health Care at All helps explain the links between social and economic factors and health. 
There are many possible solutions that could help to reduce the burden of poverty faced by many families, and we do not have all the answers. It is important to better understand the views and ideas our community leaders have.  
Read more about the background behind the 'Hungry for Change' survey project:

The Hungry for Action project been made possible through funding support from the Heart and Stroke Foundation.



See what local politicians are saying about poverty reduction in your community