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Quick Launch

Cannabis in the Community

The health unit wants to know more about opinions of cannabis legalization and its impacts on the community. We are reaching out to community members and the organizations we work with for ideas and input that will help make Northwestern Ontario communities healthier.

Here is how you can offer input and/or ideas:
  • Online survey – complete the short ‘Cannabis in the Community’ online survey. The survey is open to all community members and health unit community partners.* It can also be filled out in any of our offices. If you need help, please ask a staff member to complete the survey with you.
  • Talk Public Health: NWHU Online Discussion Panel Registration is now closed for becoming part of the upcoming panel.
The information we collect through the survey and the online discussion panel will:
  • Help the Northwestern Health Unit (NWHU) learn more about perceptions of cannabis in Northwestern Ontario communities.
  • Be used by the NWHU in our work as well as in the work we do with community partners related to cannabis and substance use.
For more information please contact your local health unit office.

*Note: To assist organizations in collating and sharing group feedback we also have the questions available as a PDF.

Use the pdf questions to guide discussion and input your final responses into the online survey.
Should you choose to complete the survey by hand, please return to your local NWHU office.