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Our staff are 150 of the most dedicated professionals who are committed to encouraging healthier lifestyles for better lives, lived well. Together, we foster a working environment that promotes innovative thinking, cross-functional collaboration and knowledge exchange.
The Northwestern Health Unit strongly encourages skills development through regular in-house training specific to each program. We are proud to offer our employees continuing education and up-to-date knowledge opportunities through provincial and national conferences on-line learning initiatives and tuition subsidies for post-secondary education courses.
Recognising that many of our employees are several hundred kilometres apart, teams regularly hold face-to-face team meetings which provide an opportunity for team planning, networking and knowledge sharing. The NWHU also holds an All Staff Training and Development Session bi-annually which provides employees an opportunity for core training with all of their colleagues in one location over the course of two days, as well as an opportunity to collaborate with the Board of Health members who also participate in this event.
The NWHU team consists of:
  • Medical professionals (e.g. physicians, dentists)
  • Regulated providers (e.g. nurses, speech pathologists, hygienists, nutritionists, dieticians)
  • Non-regulated providers (e.g. certified public health inspectors, epidemiologists, community health promoters and educators, dental assistants)
  • Support staff (administrative assistants, human resources officers, accountants, computer and network analysts, communications assistants and technicians, program assistants)
You can find NWHU employees in various office locations.
As part of the Northwestern Health Unit team, you will play a critical role in promoting and supporting healthier lifestyle opportunities in Northwestern Ontario, supporting longer lives lived well for our community members. Join us today!