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Tobacco and E-Cigarette Vendors

​Training Material

​Tobacconist/Specialty Vape Stores

Tobacconists and specialty vape stores must register with the local Board of Health to be exempted from certain aspects of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.

Guidelines and forms for registration as a specialty vape store can be found here​.

Guidelines and forms for registration as a tobacconist can be found here​.

Registration forms must be submitted to the NWHU for consideration. A change in address or store ownership will require a new application.

​Tobacco Vendor Newsletter

The Tobacco Vendors' Newsletter is produced once per year by the Northwestern Health Unit. It shares information about the Smoke Free Ontario Act and regulations, new resources and Health Unit programs that would be of use to tobacco vendors. It will have frequently asked questions from local ve​ndors, results of test shopping for the year in the Northwestern Region, and articles of interest regarding Smoke Free Ontario, Electronic Cigarettes/ Vaping and Cannabis. It will provide contact information of the Tobacco Enforcement Officer and links to various web sites to assist vendors in educating themselves regarding Smoke Free Ontario.

To access the latest issue of the Tobacco Vendors’ Newsletter, click here.

Regulations and Set Fines

To view past issues of The Tobacco Vendors' Newsletter click here.

All tobacco and e-cigarette vendors are subject to the regulations included in the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017. The SFOA is enforced by the Health Unit’s Tobacco Enforcement Officers.

To view a list of set fines, refer to Schedule 83.0.1 of the Provincial Offences Act (Smoke Free Ontario).