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Special Events and Farmers Markets


Coordinators of special events and farmers markets are responsible for ensuring that their event complies with O. Reg. 493 Food Premises and/or the Health Protection and Promotion Act.


Food Vendors must submit an application for a Special Event Food Vendor Permit at least 10 days prior to an event.

Food vendors are required to post a valid permit at every event they attend. Vendors that are operating at multiple events throughout the year and are inspected by the Northwestern Health Unit may apply for an annual food vendor permit.

​The Special Event Vendor Package has been designed to assist special event vendors to operate in compliance with the Ontario Regulation 493 (Food Premises) under the Health Protection and Promotion Act. Vendors that are in contravention of these regulations may not be permitted to serve food at public events.

Vendors that sell food products must prepare all food products on-site or within an inspected facility. For more information on home-based businesses and food safety plans, click here​.

Safe Food Handler Course

At least one certified safe food handler must be on site at special events and markets. 

​Although not required for all vendors, the safe food handling course teaches valuable skills for ensuring food products are sold safely.

The NWHU offers three options for completing the course: in-person, online, and independent book study.

Re-certification is required every 5 years.

​To sign up for a course, or for more information, click here.

Requests for food safety certificate reprints are available for $10 and can be made by calling or visiting the NWHU, or by filling out a form online here: Request for Food Safety Certificate Search and Reprint Form​.