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Recreational Water Facilities

​Notice of Intent to Operate or Relocate a Business

Anyone planning to open or move a recreational camp must complete the Notice of Intent to Operate or Relocate a Recreational Water Facility form and submit it to the Northwestern Health Unit. The NWHU can provide a new facility with a package of information to assist them in meeting the Regulations and notification requirements, or you can download the documents below. Contact the Northwestern Health Unit and speak to a public health inspector if you have questions regarding the application process.

Additional permits and licenses may be required from other provincial and municipal departments and agencies.

Download the Intent to Operate a Recreational Water Facility Form

Testing Forms

O. Reg 565 under the Health Protection and Promotion Act requires records be kept and signed daily that keep track of:

  • Estimated number of bather uses during the operating day
  • Reading of the make-up water meter for pools and/or spas as of the end of the day
  • Any emergencies, rescues or breakdowns of equipment
  • Time of day the emergency stop button test was performed (if applicable)
  • Required test results
  • Draining, inspecting, and refilling

Records must be kept for one year and should be available for a medical officer of health or public health inspector to view at any time.

You can find log sheets here:

Public Health Inspections and Disclosure

The Northwestern Health Unit is implementing an evidence-based, on-site disclosure system for operators of recreational camps, recreational water facilities, food premises, and personal service settings. Previously, the results of health inspections were posted online and available through a Freedom of Information request. Now, in addition to online disclosure, establishments must publicly display signs that indicate how well they adhere to the laws that protect consumers from infections and food-borne illnesses.

An image of the temporary recreational water posters To the image of the pass recreational water poster 

To the fail recreational water poster 

Recreational water facilities will display either a green “Pass” or red “Closure” sign depending on the results of their public health inspections. Note that this is different from the signage for food premises and personal service settings, as recreational water facilities will not show yellow signs.

For further explanation of the program, download this fact sheet: Recreational Camps and Water Facilities Operator’s Fact Sheet

​Regulations and Set Fines

​Public health inspectors will pursue enforcement actions with powers delegated to them under the Health Protection and Promotion Act: O. Reg. 565 Public Pools.

To view a list of set fines, visit Schedule 39 of the Provincial Offences Act (Public Pools and Spas)​.