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Primary Care Registry for Health Professionals

​The purpose of the Primary Care Registry is to identify local primary care* practitioners who would be willing to participate in COVID-19 vaccination clinics led or supported by Northwestern Health Unit (NWHU). These could be mass immunization clinics for identified eligible recipients or mobile clinics hosted in locations where people live or congregate (e.g., group homes or shelters). The Registry is for individuals who are willing and able to participate in COVID-19 clinics who are NOT being paid by their employer to do so. Registry members agree to be contacted by NWHU to schedule their participation in clinics, pending availability. NWHU commits to ensuring the Registry information is kept confidential and is used only for the purpose described herein.

*For the purpose of the Registry, primary care is defined as health professionals who have the authority to administer COVID-19 vaccine without a medical directive (i.e., MDs, NPs, RNs and RPNs, pharmacists, pharmacist interns, registered pharmacy students or pharmacy technicians).

To be added to the Primary Care Registry

To participate, complete the following Primary Care Registry form and then send it to