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Personal Service Settings

​Notice of Intent to Operate, Modify, or Relocate a Business

Anyone planning to open or move a recreational camp must complete the Notice of Intent to Operate, Modify, or Relocate a Personal Service Setting form and submit it to the Northwestern Health Unit. The NWHU can provide a new PSS with a package of information to assist them in meeting the Regulations and notification requirements, or you can download the documents below. Co​ntact the Northwestern Health Unit and speak to a public health inspector if you have questions regarding the application process.

Additional permits and licenses may be required from other provincial and municipal departments and agencies.

​Tracking Forms

​Use the Accidental Exposure Recording Form to record the details of an accidental exposure to hazardous or infectious substances. It must be kept by the owner/operator of the premises for 5 years, with the most recent 12 months onsite.

Use the blank High Level Disinfection Record Sheet to record details of disinfectants and expiration dates. For how to properly fill it out, view this Sample Sheet.

Use the blank Sterilization Log Sheet​ to keep track of spore tests and sterilization loads.

Depending on your business, other records are required to be kept including client records and skin invasive procedures records. Contact your local public health inspector to confirm which records you must keep and for how long.

​Public Health Inspections: Disclosure

​The Northwestern Health Unit is implementing an evidence-based, on-site disclosure system for operators of recreational camps, recreational water facilities, food premises, and personal service settings. Previously, the results of health inspections were posted online and available through a Freedom of Information request. Now, in addition to online disclosure, establishments must publicly display signs that indicate how well they adhere to the laws that protect consumers from infections and food-borne illnesses.

​​A picture that has all of the on-site disclosure signsTo the pass pss poster

To a link to the poster 

For a detailed explanation of the program, download this package: Personal Service Setting On-Site Disclosure Operator’s Package.

To view the past two years of public health inspection results, visit the ChooseWise website.

Passing Your Inspection: Online IPAC Course

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit offers an online-only infection prevention and control course for owners, operators and staff of personal service settings. It covers the following topics:

  • Requirements in O. Reg. 136/18: Personal Service Settings
  • Role of a public health inspector
  • Common infections in personal services
  • How to protect yourself and your clients from infection
  • Hand hygiene
  • Cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization of tools and equipment
  • Record keeping
  • Specialized modules for different services

​Registration details and more information can be found here​.

This course is not required by law, but is highly recommended as it includes essential information for understanding infection control practices and passing health inspections.


​Regu​l​ations and Set Fines

Public health inspectors will pursue enforcement actions with powers delegated to them under the Health Protection and Promotion Act: O. Reg 136 Personal Service Settings​.

To view a list of set fines, visit Schedule 41.4 of the Provincial Offenses Act (Personal Service Settings).