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Hepatitis C

The MOHLTC has recently changed the case definition of Hepatitis C to help gain a better understanding of the status of individuals who have a positive antibody test. Additional information is now required to differentiate between:
  • newly acquired cases and previously acquired cases
  • infectious or non-infectious.
The MOHLTC is also in the process of updating protocols to require contact tracing for Hepatitis C. For each case, responsibility for contact tracing/notification will be discussed and clear. Contact tracing/notification can be done by the testing provider, public health, or the case.
Changes to process to support the above:
  • Public Health will now be receiving RNA and genotyping through the Public Health Lab
  • Testing providers will be receiving a newly revised Hepatitis C case follow up form from the NWHU to help capture the information the MOHTLC is requiring
  • Local support – if you have questions, please contact your local NWHU
Learn more:

For more information on case follow up for testing providers, here is a link to Public Health Ontario’s Quick Reference Guide for Hepatitis C Case and Contact Follow Up