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Reporting by health care professionals

Vaccine-related adverse events
Health professionals must report an adverse event following immunization, as per Section 38 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA) and its accompanying regulation, O.Reg 569 s.7. Please use this form to report, and fax to the NWHU.

Vaccine wastage
Please report all vaccine wastage to the health unit using the Vaccine Return Form.

Cold Chain Incident
Vaccines need to be kept between 2-8 degrees Celsius to ensure their effectiveness. If you notice that your fridge has a temperature reading outside the 2-8 degree range please contact your local Northwestern Health Unit office. You will be required to fill out th​is form.

Diseases of Public Health Significance
Here is a complete list of diseases of public health significance. These must be reported to the Medical Officer of Health as per the Ontario regulations 559/91 and amendments under the Health Protection and Promotion Act. Click for information on the

Please report by calling: (807) 468-3147 or (807) 468-7109 (after hours).

Rabies infection in humans is a disease of public health significance. An animal bite or exposure to an animal suspected of having rabies must be reported to NWHU. Health professionals can report an animal bite at (807) 468-3147 or (807) 468-7109 (after hours). A copy of the Animal Bite reporting form can be found here.

NWHU works with the physicians, patients, and animal owner (if applicable) to complete a risk assessment to determine whether or not rabies post-exposure-prophylaxis is recommended. If a patient has come in after-hours and there is the possibility of needing vaccine released, the NWHU must be contacted at (807) 468-7109.